Fabric Dyeing 101 Book

All of the instructions that have appeared on this site over the years have now been revised and improved and made into a book for anyone wanting to learn how to dye cotton fabrics (for sewing and quilting) at home using Procion MX dyes. These dyes, often used for tie-dyeing, are inexpensive and readily available.

There are several formats of the book available:
  • eBook file (PDF file) that you can read on your computer or other devise. This file can also be printed out on your home printer.
  • coil-bound book with full colour cover and interior 
  • coil-bound book with colour cover and black and white interior
Fabric Dyeing 101: Simple Instructions For Beautiful Fabrics For Those Who Wish To Be Both Frugal and Gentle On The Earth 
by Melissa J. Will

(87 pages, colour photos, PDF format, uses Acrobat Reader, can be printed out)

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Fabric Dyeing 101
  • I wrote these instructions as if you were with me in the studio, eager to get started in fabric dyeing, having little or no experience.
  • I tell you everything you need to know to get started, from obtaining supplies to understanding how the process works, and then walking you through an actual dye session. 
  • I did my best to provide you with exactly what you need to know without overwhelming you with technical details yet anticipating all the questions that my students have asked me in workshops. 
  • If there's a rule behind something, I like to know the rationale behind it, and that's what I've provided in the book.
  • There are many excellent fabric dyeing books featuring an assortment of methods and skill levels. What I've done here is provide you with the simplest, least expensive, and least wasteful way I know how to get you dyeing some fabrics of your own. If you love it, there's a whole world of possibilities waiting for you.

Contents include:
  • An overview of the fabric dyeing process
  • Specific step-by-step instructions with tips and tricks for getting best results
  • A walk-through of a dye recipe to guide you through your first dye session 
  • Health and safety considerations
  • A complete supply list and suggestions for obtaining supplies [more info here]
  • Fabric selection advice
  • Tips for maximizing supplies and minimizing waste
  • How to make mottled and solid fabrics
  • How to ensure your fabrics are washfast
  • How to design your own fabric colour sets
  • How to convert the recipes for different fabric sizes 
  • Recipes for rainbows, two colour blends, three colour blends, gradations, deluxe blends, skin tones, and neutrals (mosses, browns, forest colours)
  • Surface design instructions for fabric/sky painting and easy batiks
  • My story: how a paisley pantsuit launched my colour obsession  

Why You Might Like to Own This Book
  • This eBook is ideal both for beginners or anyone needing a refresher course without a big investment in materials. 
  • Learn to dye your first set of fabrics with a basic fabric dyeing or tie-dye starter kit, some 100% cotton sewing fabric, and inexpensive household supplies such as plastic beer cups and measuring spoons. 
  • Advanced dyers measure their dyes with a scale but I use measuring spoons with beginners because the amounts of dye used in my recipes is so small and measuring spoons are inexpensive. To me, the important part is making best use of materials and getting great results.
  • The process is specifically designed to minimize costs and waste so it's kind to both your pocketbook and the earth. 
  • The instructions are written to provide you with exactly what you need to know to become a confident and creative fabric dyer without overwhelming technical details. 
  • The fabrics created are suitable for sewing and quilting.  
  • The PDF format allows you to read it on your computer or any other device that can read a PDF file. You can also print out the PDF file as desired.

Do Not Buy This Book If...
  • You have already gobbled up the contents of this site. This book is an improved version of all of the information that has appeared on Fabricdyeing101.blogspot.com over the past few years. If you've already learned to dye fabric, you may not find anything particularly new here.
  • If you're hoping for a sexy coffee table book featuring gorgeous hand-dyes: this is not the book for you. To make the book manageable on a variety of devices, I had to keep the photos fairly small and to a minimum.
  • If you're looking for a recipe resource book with every possible colour and gradation, again, this book is not for you. (There's several like that already on the market.) The recipes in this book let you create a good sampling of colours without committing to dyeing many yards of fabric.
  • If you're hoping for simple instructions, sensible explanations, and a straight forward approach that doesn't waste your money or your time (or unnecessarily pollute the planet), then you may like this book. 
  • But again, it's not new material: just a very (I hope) succinctly edited revision with a variety of simplified recipes (again, previously posted on this site) to get the beginner exploring this wonderful hobby (or business).  And I'm hoping the $2.99 price tag is appealing.

About The Author
Melissa Will is a writer, artist, and organic gardener living in Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada. Intending to dye a few yards of fabric for a quilt, she ended up obsessively dyeing every colour combination she could dream up and subsequently owned and operated Ode to Claude: Monet-Inspired Hand-Dyed Fabrics to justify dyeing yet more fabric. Teaching opportunities necessitated writing an instruction manual for her simple fabric dyeing method. These instructions were subsequently shared on fabricdyeing101.blogspot.com, launching many more new dyers into the wonderful world of colour obsession. Fabric Dyeing 101: Simple Instructions For Beautiful is a simplified, improved, and updated version of those instructions.

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